Underground Research

As the group settles into their new home in Berlin, work begins on their individual projects. Guided by their initial insights, interests and passion, each student embarks on a very different journey in search of Berlin’s UNDERGROUND. 


Michelle Parrott

Michelle has been documenting the abundant,  and often overlooked, GDR architecture. What is the contrast between the promise and reality of communist architecture?



Yeun Kim

Yeun looks beyond the surface of objects to find discover the story of Berlin through it’s objects. What can Berlin’s objects tell us, and can objects have stories?



Tatiana Cardenas

Tatiana asks what it means to be a female in electronic music in Berlin. What is under the surface of the mainstream, and is there an uprising in the making?

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Cerra Teng 

Cerra explores Berlin’s experimental dance community by becoming a part of it. What are the limits of expressive movement in Berlin, and what are the microcosms not seen by the majority.



Elbert Tiao

Elbert takes underground to a new level, looking at how the underground transit system functions. What are the opportunities for making the underground more underground?



Duy Dao

Duy looks at the Berlin that never seems finished – damaged buildings, half-done airports, construction everywhere. Is Berlin really doomed to becoming and never being?

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Seth O’Hara

Seth’s commitment to exploring “Berlin Time”, the hours between midnight and dawn, has been in-depth and a practice in the art of endurance. What does it take to be nocturnal?



Franco Ocampo

Franco looks and listens to Berlin minimalism, from minimal techno, to architecture and art. What does austerity mean for Berlin?

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Alvin Oei

Alvin has been exploring the movement of Berlin at night, not just the clubs or the cafés, but the spaces and people in between. Also of note is Alvin’s reconnaissance of Spreepark, Berlin’s ill-fated theme park. 

Alvin Oei - Art Center College of Design - Underground Berlin006


Joshue Molina

Joshue looks at Berlin through a different lense, exploring the analog underground. What does it mean to leave digital behind?